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AMToffshore has a multi disciplined engineering team which is consisted of well educated and also experienced engineers. We are trying to be the best and most trustworthy partner for your engineering work, and we are supplying customer with the most

Time-saving & Cost-saving

The most important thing for a project management is to keep the project within schedule and within budget. AMT has a experienced team which means that the you could focus on your project plan– you make it, and then we

Flexible Payment

You can choose any of  the following or combination of payment based on your own consideration: Payment by rate: per engineer per hour/day/mon or payment by the quantity of deliverable per drawing per report or your expense will be fixed

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Outsourcing – for now and for the future

For now and for the future

Oil & gas market is suffering, the situation is no better than maritime market. It’s widely confirmed that the whole market is inevitably  going down, and there’s still no sign of recovering. Marine and  offshore engineering company are trying to take...

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Conservative and reliable engineering

Conservative and reliable engineering

The marine and offshore is a conservative industry, the marine and drilling facility are to be reliable enough since  failure will cause catastrophic consequence.             As an marine and offshore engineering outsourcing company, what AMT provide...

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